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My Story. Who I am, and why you should follow my blog

(this is the About page) (ESSENTIAL, EAT is important)

I was toying with this for some time but just today I had that “Aha! moment”.

I’m for some time active on some subs on Reddit like r/Affiliatemarketing and r/NicheWebsites and from time to time I answer people questions about niche websites and affiliate marketing. Usually, the answers are from my own experience.

So I said to myself why not to put all this experience in a course kind of website so other people can benefit also.

I will show you my methods, on how I pick a niche, how I order content from content platforms, I will share my template that I use to keep track of the articles I order and all other templates and tools I developed in order to keep myself organized, focused and motivated to keep making niche websites.

I will talk about who inspired me to start this journey and what I used from their resources and how I adapted them from my needs.

But, before we get started you know the drill insert here the affiliate marketing disclosure, and that there is no sure business disclosure, FDA and such, for short that will link to their respective pages. I might get a commission bla bla. You are here to make money too so you will understand.

So you to know I’m just a regular introvert guy that likes to make things that generate passive income for myself. I started my first niche website in X Date SITE1  (don’t name the website, name it  SITE1). that didn’t do much as it was my learning project. I did everything wrong, picked the wrong niche, wrong keywords and so on.

But I stayed on it, I didn’t give up. I’ve watched Youtube videos and read blogs about making money with niche websites. I will link to the resource page when It will be ready

Coming to this day when I started to write this blog. On Oct 10, 2019, Niche Sites Guide was born.

So let’s get started: to Entry Page