I like to read about other people’s online journeys. So that’s why I wanted to share with you my thoughts, ideas and what I do on Niche Sites Guide.

Below is the raw journal that I keep for this website. Originally I write it in Evernote and I copy and paste it here. I will include links to other pages from the blog but also external links (and some of them might be affiliate links).
  • I posted some while back on Reddit about my 2 years journey and my strategy to build websites and got a lot of feedback from there. The conclusion is that I have to change my strategy and to start a new niche website but this time with better quality. I want to be better at this so I started a new niche website.
  • This is how #ProjectMeliora was born (Meliora is the Latin adjective for “better” or “for the pursuit of the better” (of course I Googled for this. Wikipedia FTW.)
  • What is #ProjectMeliora and what I want to achieve with this? Well I want to create a niche website that will
    • Have a good content plan beforehand. The plan will be in detail. I will plan all the content and exactly what I want to achieve. From content topics, structure, interlinking to article titles and keywords
    • I want to write all the content myself. This is one part that was not so good with my first part of the journey and I want to improve. Basically, I ordered content not knowing exactly what to ask for and for lower rates. I ended with content not that great.
    • I want to write the content myself also in order to see how hard it is to write articles for a niche website.  Another reason is that I want to create along the way some recipes and templates that will help me in the future.
  • What I will write here on my blog will be all kind of stuff about this project in a monthly article(let’s hope that I will manage to write a monthly post about #ProjectMeliora but I think this will be a factor to be more motivated and keep me on track).
  • This is Month 0 for #ProjectMeliora. I will write the page for Month 0 somewhere in January.
  • I wrote more on the Content page.


  • I wrote more on the Content page.
  • I create a new Evernote note where I will put post ideas or questions that I find that people are asking (and if I know the answer of course).
  • Added content on the Resource page
  • I installed Google Search Console.
  • I installed Google Analytics.
  • This journal was born.
  • Created the Start/Home page.
  • More content.
  • I worked on content.
  • Created the basic outline.
  • I’ve started to work on the outline for the @NICHEWEBSITES project.
  • The project has a name now. Behold: was born.
  • I bought the domain from my account and I wait now the propagation to happen and to have a basic WordPress website.
  • I will try to use Gutenberg for this or I will change to the classic editor if I will not like it. Yes, I don’t like it. Back to classics.


What Is A Journal Good For?

  • You keep track of your work.
  • It keeps you motivated to do things every day.
  • It forms habits.