Hosting: Bluehost

Domain registrar:


  • Astra – it is fast and free
  • Abacado – I don’t use it yet but I plan to try it at some point because I like and trust the guys from IncomeSchool and also I’ve heard good things about it.

Pictures Websites

  • PixaBay
  • **Give the entire list of websites here (on Mac)


  • ShortCode –
  • Header and footer –
  • The one that you make buttons with it.
  • The extended editor.
  • Classic editor
  • The syntax coloring one.
  • LinkWhisper – it helps me interlinking the posts.
  • WordCounter – a small plugin that will show you the number of words your site and articles have.


  • Evernote – great tool for organization.
  • ImageOptim – a small Mac tool that I use to optimize images.
  • Preview – a native Mac app used for resizing pictures.
  • Timer – Sometimes I want to keep an exact eye on how much time in minutes I have left.
  • Phone Stop Watch – sometimes I like to record on how much time I finish a certain task.

Browser Extension

  • Grammarly – it is a browser extension that
  • SEO Quake (**check the exact name) – helps me to see better the number in the rankings and also it highlights my websites.

Ad Networks

  • Ezoic – for now this is what I use.
  • Mediavine (25k sessions/last 30 days) – not qualified yet.
  • AdThrive (100k pw/month) – not qualified yet.

Affiliate Networks

  • Amazon Associates Program
  • HireWriters – for NSG

Blogs That I Read and Youtube channels that I watch

  • Fat Stacks
  • Doug Cunnington
  • IncomeSchool

I also hangout on Reddit mostly in this subs (under the name u/robotguyx):


r/NicheWebsites (this is the sub I manage)



You can check out my social media pages:

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram (maybe)
  • TikTok (maybe)
  • Linkedin (maybe)